Must Have Mondays

Usually, I don’t like to have every object on my must haves list pertaining to a certain topic or theme within parenting, and usually I like to present more than one, but today is different.  I have been terrorized by twin boys attempting to rupture their first tooth for several weeks now and teething is really all I’ve been thinking about lately.  “When will it all end?  Will they let me sleep tonight?  Where is that Benadryl?”  So, for your consideration, the teething product I am currently lusting after:

Teething Bling Jewelry

 green heartbabyblingtv-0122

The cool thing about this company is that they don’t just make necklaces.  They’ve got keychains, bracelets, and you can even get them all in a matching set!  The coolest item though, in my oppinion, are their Shakespeare onesies.  I know, this totally has nothing to do with teething but I am a Shakespeare fanatic.  Needless to say, when I saw that these were available for purchase, I freaked.  They’re a little on the steep end for just being white onesies with quotes printed on them but a cute idea nonetheless.  Hmm…maybe I’ll make my own.


1 Comment

  1. annettepiper said,

    February 22, 2009 at 3:26 am

    They look great, but yes, a pretty big price for something like that!

    Go to your local craft store/ bead store and get some Greek leather and a nephrite (jade) donut (a disc with a whole in the centre) and string it up. Nephrite is inexpensive and really tough so should be quite safe for a baby to chew on.

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