Must Have Mondays: The Coolest Stuff and Toys for Moms and Boys

I love finding new things on the internet that I feel like I must have.  This is going to start being a regular feature every week starring a few items that I come across in my web surfing that I think other moms should most definitely know about.  So- I guess let’s kick off!

1.  Pot-tee Prize


Seriously, what a one stop shop great idea!  The kit comes with everything seen here:  

  • Guide – filled with tips and tricks to help both of you get through this big step
  • Sticker Chart and Cute Stickers
  • PoT-Tee Prizes – A variety of fun prizes in a canvas tote for your child to choose from
  • Diploma – Every graduation deserves a diploma, especially the switch from diapers to undies 

If only I had known about this when D was potty training!  I guess there’s always round two when we start guiding the twins toward a world without Pampers.

2.    The Slurp & Burp

If you’ve ever nursed, you know how some idiots can act.  My favorite is when I’m asked if I could, “Please do that in the bathroom.”  Oh yes, please, let me feed my infant in the same place people excrete bodily fluids.  This little beauty might stop people from being so offended at the site of something completely natural; a mother nourishing her baby the way God intended.  Not only does it allow you to discreetly nurse without having to wear those hideous nursing tops but it comes in some pretty cute patterns, too.  Bonus perk:  a sewn on burp cloth.

3.  Time Out Pad


This has to be, by far, the newest thing at the top of my “Must Buy Soon” list.  Keen Distrubution makes this great time out pad that makes it easy for even the tiniest offender to understand the concept of “time out.” 

Whenever you need to use it, you simply set the timer to the appropriate length and seat him (or her) on the pressure sensitive mat.  If the child gets up before the end of the programmed time, an alarm sounds to alert you and the countdown pauses until the child is seated once again.  Once the full time-out countdown has elapsed, a finish tune is played to let everyone know that the session has ended.  Then the apologies and hugs can commence and life goes on with a wiser child….right?


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