EcoStore USA

Have you heard of EcoStore USA?   Their eco friendly, plant-based household cleaning products are as effective as the leading supermarket brands, and their body and baby products are gentle on your skin.  I recently had the opportunity to try several of their products from their household and baby lines for a week so that I could review them for this site:

Baby Sleeptime Bath

With the gorgeous scent of lavendar and geranium, this gentle bath enhancer knocked my twin 8 mo. olds out for the evening and even sent my 3 yr. old into a relaxed state.  I was skeptical since we’ve tried similar products from Johnson & Johnson and California Baby and neither did what they claimed they would do.  This stuff, however, holds up its end of the bargain.  A single capful was all it took and my husband and I actually got an uninterrupted evening.  Priceless. 

Baby Body Wash

All three of my boys have sensitive skin and two have varying degrees of eczema.  I was very worried about using this wash on them as up until now the only cleanser that has avoided irritating their skin has been an expensive specialty soap made by Aveeno.  I am happy to report that after a week of use, this wash not only managed to get my boys clean but it also began to clear up a few of the drier eczema spots on one of my twins!


Pure Oxygen Whitener

This stuff gave oxyclean a run for its money and I can see why it’s the companies best seller!  Letting this stuff soak with a washer full of baby clothes that just faced the poo patrol twins (it was a really bad week!) was one of the smartest moves I made this week.  Every sleeper and onesie that I thought would be graced forever with the mark of a diaper explosion up the back was bright and stain free upon removal from the wash.  I also used this with our whites this past week and everything looked like it had been bleached bright again!     

Citrus Spray Cleaner

This all natural cleaner did wonders cleaning a multitude of surfaces.  It didn’t matter if I was scouring the sink top, the kitchen counters, my stove top, or my tile floors; everu time I used the spray I became increasingly impressed with how well it worked.  My favorite part about it was that there were no strong fumes just a great lemon-orange scent.  Being a mom of 3 small boys, this was such a nice perk since I didn’t have to worry about them breathing anything nasty in while they followed me (by foot or Sleepy Wrap) during my cleaning spree.

I’m not a “green mama” by any standards and I suppose the biggest reason is the very cost of it.  Do you know how expensive it is to turn yourself into an enviornmentally conscious human being let alone a family of 5?  It’s outrageous, especially for us single income folk!  Organic food, natural products, etc. are all so much more expensive than just buying the everyday fare I’m used to.  I’m happy to say though that EcoStore USA has realized that “it’s not easy being green” and have kept their prices down by safely super concentrating their formulas so that using a little goes a long way thereby ensuring the value of your hard earned dollar.

I know, it all sounds great, right?

Perhaps tomorrow you might have the chance get your hands on your own EcoStore products.  See you then!


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