Mommy time

Tonight was one of those nights.

Cold temperatures, more snow, cabin fever, and three boys with more energy than AEP finally pushed mommy over the edge.

“I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!” I frantically told my husband while he was on his way home from work.

I’m sure I’m not the only SAHM who is under the impression that they are supposed to be the indisposable super woman at all times. Laundry clean and folded? Check. Dinner on the table when hubby gets home? Check. Children clean, fed, and into their pajamas by 7:30? No problem.  Hubby wants a little “night time delight” after I’ve had three small boys crawling all over me all day and I’m tired as hell because I’ve had to chase kids AND try to catch up on housework? Get over here, tiger!
Wouldn’t it be nice if it just worked out that way? Unfortunately, it doesn’t. You have days like I did today (and have for almost five days consecutively); at any given time I’m putting one baby down for a nap, feeding the other, informing my oldest that going through life with one hand down the front of his pants is not an option, or dealing with all three of them wanting to be paid attention to at the same time.  Housework gets pushed to the side, a pile of whites (oh, hell, let’s be honest…whites, darks, jeans, reds, and towels) sits on the couch in an unfolded mound, and dinner gets on the table late and slightly over cooked because one of the twins still has a hair trigger that shoots if you take longer than the alotted 3 seconds to get a fresh diaper on his heiny and today my cat-like reflexes weren’t their sharpest.

So what do you do?  How do you get yourself back into enjoying the job of raising your family and taking care of your home?  I personally get out for a few hours to recharge the batteries.  I grab a Starbucks, go to Borders, and revel in the deliciousness that only trashy tabloid magazines can bring.  On a regular basis, I don’t care who’s wearing what or who’s doing whom.  But on night’s like tonight, it’s all I care about.  It’s surprising how a triple shot and a couple of hours of reading all about how Miley Cyrus is slutting it up with an older man can make me want to go home, kiss my babies, and go to bed happily knowing that I’m going to wake up and live the same interesting mess all over again. 

Whatever you do to bring youself back to peace with sweeping and wiping butts for a living for no pay, remember to take that time for yourself and to revel in it.  Too many times moms forget to make themselves happy because they get so lost in trying to keep everyone else in their home smiling.  If you’re miserable, what good are you to your children?



  1. February 8, 2009 at 3:05 am

    I have nights like this too. Sometimes I just wander around Target and take advantage of the opportunity to actually look at things or I head to Barnes and Noble and read a couple of chapters of a book for free. It really does help me stay sane to get out of the house alone for even an hour.

  2. KTP said,

    February 8, 2009 at 6:29 am

    Right. My friend Bella Sara (the pinot grigio) helps me through those times qute well. Also, loud angry music when I’m in the car alone. I recommend the Twilight soundtrack (don’t make fun until you try it).

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