Fantastic February

This is quite possibly going to be the busiest and most challenging month in quite some time. I’m taking on way too much way too fast. Let’s see if I make it!

I am going to attempt to cross off several things off of my giant to-do list.  And by several I mean why am I doing this to myself?  Kicking off February 1st, I’ll be implementing a new schedule into my daily life and working out every morning at 6 sharp so I can get rid of the extra ass that’s taken to following me around.  Look for lots of posts about my new zest for organization, eating like a rabbit, and working out with a giant smile plastered on my face because being out of shape and out of breath is fun!!!

Also, this month you can look forward to a professionally designed blog courtesy of Hannah at Sherbet Blossom and some new ideas popping up here and there.  If you haven’t had your blog designed yet or just need a face lift, I strongly recommend her.  Just look at her work here, here, and here.  Seriously, I love what she does! 

Lastly, and most exciting, I’m hosting my first giveaway and posting my first official review under Queen Mommy.  I’m currently trying out some products from a great new store, EcoStoreUSA, and will have a review on them shortly.  They have generously agreed to host a giveaway on my blog so soon we’ll have a $25 e-certificate to their online store up for grabs.  Stay tuned!  This should be one hell of a month!


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