Kids, Chores, and Money

Since he was old enough to hold it in his hand and push it through the slot of his giant train bank, D has been panhandling change from hubby and I.  This never really bothered me until recently when he showed just how bratty and spoiled he has become.  After a particularly heinous meltdown the other day at Meijer when I refused to buy him a matchbox car, I decided it might be time for an allowance. 

We had a chore chart for him several months ago before moving and have since gotten lazy and forgotten to implement it.  He still picks up after himself when he’s told (a lesson I refuse to let up on since I am HORRIBLE at picking up after myself) but I figure he’s absolutely old enough to have several chores to do throughout the day and that by doing these an allowance might be a more appropriate award than the sheer joy of putting a sticker on a chart.

To begin, I downloaded SimpleMom’s chore chart here.  I really love the way she designed it and love her blog even more.  She’s got the best ideas.  (Out of all the mom bloggers I’ve come across, Tsh and Amy are, hands down, the epitome of Momness.  You really should check them out).  Anyway, I laminated the chart and the chore blocks and affixed velcro pieces to the backs of the chore blocks and the spaces they’d stick to on the chart.  I like this idea because it allows for me to switch chores around, take away, or add to it as I see fit.

We haven’t come up with an ideal allowance quite yet, but if you’re interested, I’ll be posting a few articles that might help you decide what you might want to start your child out at and what kind of spending, saving, and giving habits you might want to instill.  Do your children receive an allowance?  If so, what habits are you trying to enforce when it comes to money?


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