My Soapbox

It’s no secret from most people that I am a conservative.

I’m pro-life, pro-gun, pro-God, and all for small government.  While I do appreciate the significance of Obama being voted into office in the first place,  I laughed heartily as he was compared to Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt and a bevy of other top political figures in our country’s history before his first full day in office and I cringed when he took the oath.  Even more cringe inducing was a random woman interviewed on our local news that night talking about how she was so happy that Obama was finally in office because she’s not going to have to struggle any more.  She’s never going to have to worry about bills or losing her home or putting food on the table for her children.  Oh, really?  Now that Obama’s in office he’s going to start paying your bills for you and putting 3 squares a day on the table?  While I doubt that Mr. President will be doing exactly this, it seems from his campaigning days that he doesn’t want any of this to be a problem for any family.  Heck, he even wants your children to go to whatever college they want no matter if they can afford it or not! 

Thanks, but no thanks, Obama.  I wasn’t raised to take hand outs.  I was raised to believe that you work for what you earn and that nothing in life is garaunteed.  Life is a struggle and nothing should come to you easily just because you’re alive and kicking.  If you can’t afford your house, that’s on you.  I don’t think the taxes that get taken out of my husband’s paycheck should go to digging you out of a home loan you probably shouldn’t have received in the first place.  If you can’t afford to put food on the table for your family, go out and get a 2nd or 3rd job.  It’s not everyone else’s job to make sure you go to bed with a full stomach every night. 

When Brad and I went through our rough patch a few years ago, we had times where we were forced to make decisions that included our son eating and us going to bed hungry and buying groceries instead of paying our bills.  Not once did we ask for any kind of assistance.  We made do.  We attempted to better our situation.  While I would never want anyone to have to go through that, sometimes you have to.  Sometimes you have to fail so that you can succeed and no one wants to fail anymore. 

When did the U.S. become a country that cottles?  When did we become a country that doesn’t allow our kids to play tag on the playground because it alienates some children?  When did we decide to hand out ribbons and trophies to everyone that participates instead of just to the teams or individuals that were exceptional?  Tell me, how does that teach a child to strive to succeed?  How does that teach a child to be their best? 

Simply put; it doesn’t.  It teaches self-entitlement.  It teaches laziness.

Do yourself and your child a favor; let them struggle.  Let them see you struggle and survive.  What lesson could be more important to hammer into a kid’s head than to pick themselves back up whenever they fall?


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