Six years and counting

My husband and I celebrated six years on the 16th.  For the first time in several months we actually got to go out together as a couple, without our little men in tow, and sit and just be Brad and Sarah.  We didn’t do anything entirely special, but it was good enough for us.  Some might turn their noses up at dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise followed by Starbucks and a few random stops at some area stores, but I assure you that those people so obviously don’t have three small children under 4.  Even better?  He bought me a guitar!  I’ve always wanted to learn to play and he made that crazy little dream of mine come true.  He’s a little skeptical that I’m going to break out into my own rendition of “Smelly Cat” and other ridiculous songs that I make up while we’re in the car together (which I totally will) and use my guitar for more evil than good.   

Our anniversary got me to thinking; six years seems like a lifetime.  Perhaps it’s because we’ve lived through what seems like a lifetime of events in the relatively short time we’ve been together.  We’ve burried a daughter, we’ve gone through a deployment to Iraq.  We’ve lived through 2 scary and difficult pregnancies resulting in 3 of the happiest and most beautiful children I’ve ever known.  We’ve gone through miscarriages, a change in career paths, living with family, and barely making enough money to even consider it living paycheck to paycheck.  We’ve gone through 5 cross country moves, several lengthy job training related seperations, and more fights than you can shake a stick at.  Somehow, we always come out on top of the mess: stronger, happier, and more in love.  There isn’t a better man out there for me than the one I married.  He is the glue that holds me together and the very reason I get to stay at home with our children and do what I love to do.  I hope that the next six years aren’t as chaotic as the first six, but if they are I’m happy to wade through knee deep muck all over again if it means I’ll be wading through it with Brad.


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