Code blue…kitchen

We just bought our house a month ago and we knew going into it that it was, indeed, a fixer upper.  I suppose we were just uneducated and unaware of what a complete nightmare the kitchen would be for us.  I mean, don’t get me wrong.  It’s nice sized with a garbage disposal, a nice looking sink, and a brand spankin’ new fridge that we just purchased, but it lacks in the oven and dishwashing departments.  The oven is a throw back to the Donna Reed era and is controlled by a panel next to it that our realtor had actually mistaken for a radio.  And our dishwasher?  You’re talkin’ to her.  Perhaps that’s the scariest thing about it.  The cleanliness of my family’s kitchen depends on me?  HA! 

The good thing I can say about our kitchen is that there is oodles of cabinet space and way more counter space than we’ve been used to.  The extra counter space especially comes in handy when there are multiple people in the kitchen trying to help you prepare a meal.  Too many hands in one place make it very easy to start working all on the same thing which could lead to, say, forgetting to put the sugar in the pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving Day (Thanksgiving 2005).  The tragedy of not having a pumpkin pie after a giant turkey dinner is still bitched and moaned about in my family.

How about you?  Have you had a cooking disaster?  Perhaps my post just got you thinking about making your kitchen less chaotic or served as a reminder a sugar free pumpkin pie would be perfect for your weight loss resolution.  Either way, head on over to claim your New Year Sanity Pack and reap the benefits of their free downloads on organizing your kitchen, planning a menu, and healthy weight loss (not that you need to, I think you’re gorgeous).


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