Bzz Agent 00-STD

I got an invite to do yet another campaign for Bzz Agent.  Excitedly, I sign in to my home page and discover that it’s a campaign for  Hmm….  Not that I have a problem with HPV, cervical cancer, or the link between the two, but I do have a problem with answering questions like, “How familiar are you with genital warts?”  and  “How familiar are you with HPV?”  There is no graceful way out of those questions with the multiple choice answers this questionaire gives you!  You either have never heard of it, making you completely ignorant or living under a rock, or you’re “VERY familiar” with it, making you sound like a smelly pirate hooker.  Now, I know I’m no dummy so I really don’t like my odds here.  Besides, what kind of answer is “very familiar” anyway?  And further more, why can’t they have a box you can check stating that familiarty does not mean personal experience with any type of VD for people like me that worry that the people that run Bzz Agent and are pouring over the surveys, looking into the profiles of the people that filled them out, and then calling friends and family.  

“Hey mom, you’ll never believe this!  Sarah from Ohio states she’s VERY familiar with HPV.  Yeah, I’ll bet she is!  I’m going to have to call you back.  We’re going on break and I need to write the phone number from her profile up on the mini-mart men’s room wall.  Love you, too.”


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