Groceries, Starbucks, and the end of days

As soon as my hubby walks through that glorious back door that leads into our house, I’m jetting out of here.  My destination, you ask?  It’s all in the title.  Grocery shopping.  I hate nothing more than grocery shopping.  Ok, that’s not true.  But it might as well be.  The 2 week plan, the coupon clipping, the ad scouring, the wheelin’ and dealin’; it makes me long for simpler days not so long ago when I walked into Meijer with a kinda/sorta list, bought whatever the hell I wanted, and walked out without even blinking at the receipt.  Oh how things change once you become a stay at home mom.  And how they change even more when you get crazy and hopped up on some drinks at Cheeseburger in Paradise one night after a several month long date night drought and sleep with your husband knowing full well that you forgot your birth control two days in a row.  Nine months later, the Lord giveth two more mouths to feed.  Lucky for them they’re adorable and everyone knows you can’t regret adorable.

This bi monthly adventure of sorts is really the only garaunteed alone time I get.  Lord knows I can’t sit down to empty my bladder without my oldest busting in on me, wanting to talk about whether or not I’m pooping, when will I be done, and would I be so kind as to play race cars with him while on the potty?  So in this spirit of having a date with myself at Meijer, I’m going to take myself out to Starbucks for a little latte action as well.  Heck, let’s get crazy and tack a pastry onto that order!  Look out, world!  Here comes one wild mess chick!

Because one of my resolutions is to really put forth the effort to be the best wife/mom/domestic diva I can be, I have decided to have the house straightened up and dinner in the oven so that my hubby doesn’t have to do anything this evening but get the kids in bed and enjoy the television.  Cooking and cleaning.  That’s two signs of the apocalypse.


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