Free food, anyone?

This isn’t quite the first post that I wanted to write to introduce my blog to the world, but it can’t wait.  As a mom to three boys, one of which is ALWAYS hungry, I am constantly trying to keep my pantry stocked with healthy snacks for both my oldest and I to munch on.  I figure sharing snacks not only cuts down on the grocery bill but also sets a precedent for him that whatever Mommy is eating must be delicious so I should have some, too.  A nice little jedi mind trick when you’re wanting to get your child to try something different than, say, Yogos for the millionth time.  I was excited to see over at wantnot that Mir listed a great deal for Honest Foods Country Granola Squares.  Amazon is running a deal right now that if you buy 1 box of any flavor, you can enter the code HONESTFD and get another box free.  This seemed like a really good deal as the boxes are $19 a piece.  After some trial and error on my part, I quickly found the following glitch:  if you order any one box of granola squares, sign up for Subscribe & Save (which you can cancel), and enter the HONESTFD code, you get a free box of granola squares with free shipping.  NO JOKE.  This code is good until January 31, 2009.  I found you can do the preceeding instructions once with each flavor.  Consequently, you can also get a free box with any Amazon order over $25 so that you get free super saver shipping.  Overall, I’m getting 5 free boxes of granola squares (2 of the choco p’nut butter).  I received my first package yesterday and they were deemed delicious by both my oldest and me.  So, hurry!  Go take advantage of what would have to be a glitch in the system and get yourself some snackage!


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