Musical Mondays

Because every time I hear this song, my arms grow heavy and I think about how much I miss our baby girl.  Madison would be 6 tomorrow.  Six!  Happy birthday, angel.  We’re thinking about you.

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Musical Mondays

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Must Have Mondays: Technology For Moms

I know, last week was teething, this week it’s mama technology.  So much for not having a particular theme to this, eh?

1.  Scanalog

My bloggy friend and fellow queen of the house mama, Dee, introduced me to a killer product on her blog last week.  It’s called a Scanalog.  This computer program is so cool that I was just oozing jealousy that she got to try it out and I’m stuck either purchasing it myself or participating in every giveaway in the blogosphere.  Luckily for me, she’s hosting a giveaway herself right hereThis is really a product that I could use and one that I feel comfortable telling you to get without having tried it myself based only on Dee’s review.  I hoard magazines because of the one or two articles in each of them that I deem necessary to keep.  It drives my husband apeshit.  If it were up to him, he’d take all 3 tons of my Cooking Light, Rachael Ray, and various parenting magazine subscriptions, pile them into the firepit in the back yard and set them ablaze.  Other things that I keep in mass quantities that this beautiful little bit o’ technology would help me with?  My son’s artwork (soon to be sons’ once they get that darn concept of coordination down), newspaper clippings, and my family’s recipes that are currently scattered hither and yon on post-its, recipe cards, receipts, and whatever else happened to be handy at the time they were dictated to me. 

What?!  That’s not enough bells and whistles for you?  Well, how about a ready to go journal?!  Hmm?!  Does that do it for ya?  Scanalog has a journal already set up with dates and everything!  There really is something for everyone with this program and I highly suggest checking it out.

2.   Vivienne Tam HP Mini

I know, gorgeous.  I want it.  I need it.  It will be mine.

New Blog New Design

Hey everyone!

Hannah at Sherbet Blossom Design has been painstakingly designing my fabulous new blog.  It’s gorge.  You can now find me blogging away here and you can find out how to convince her to give you an equally good looking blog here.

Would you nurse a starving baby?

Salma Hayek is such an amazing woman yet I’m almost tempted to say, “big deal.”  Not at her actions but at the media attention.  Why?  Shouldn’t the simple act of feeding a starving child be a no brainer?  Shouldn’t doing something for someone that they are unable to do themselves be the right thing to do and not this huge feat of humanity?  Selflessness should just be.  Not for the accolades, but for your own piece of mind that you did all you could to better a situation.   As a mother with the ability to nurse, how could you not?  Wouldn’t every bone in your body tell you to? What a beautiful piece of film.  What a shining example of what “mother” means.


Must Have Mondays

Usually, I don’t like to have every object on my must haves list pertaining to a certain topic or theme within parenting, and usually I like to present more than one, but today is different.  I have been terrorized by twin boys attempting to rupture their first tooth for several weeks now and teething is really all I’ve been thinking about lately.  “When will it all end?  Will they let me sleep tonight?  Where is that Benadryl?”  So, for your consideration, the teething product I am currently lusting after:

Teething Bling Jewelry

 green heartbabyblingtv-0122

The cool thing about this company is that they don’t just make necklaces.  They’ve got keychains, bracelets, and you can even get them all in a matching set!  The coolest item though, in my oppinion, are their Shakespeare onesies.  I know, this totally has nothing to do with teething but I am a Shakespeare fanatic.  Needless to say, when I saw that these were available for purchase, I freaked.  They’re a little on the steep end for just being white onesies with quotes printed on them but a cute idea nonetheless.  Hmm…maybe I’ll make my own.

Musical Mondays

I’m going to start a new meme that I found over at 7 Clown Circus which, in turn, guided me to the origin at Jeff & Me +3.  I love this idea because music is such a big part of who people are.  I love the poetry of it and I love the feelings that it can evoke.  I love how every person I know has a song or a band that makes me think of them.  My first choice doesn’t necessarily remind me of anyone, but it would make the perfect theatrical “airport kissing scene” song. 

Chickies, you know what I’m talking about.  You’re watching one of those slobbering romantic chick flicks, the girl’s going away some place thousands of miles away and the man that dropped her off at the airport suddenly realizes awhile down the road that he can’t live without her.  He flips the car around, speeds back to airport and then proceeds to run through it like a mad man.  Oddly enough these guys have the impeccable timing consistancy of always getting to the girl right as she’s taking back her boarding pass from the flight attendant and looking behind her shoulder that one last time.  Boom!  Out of nowhere, he appears and runs toward her, scooping her up in his arms and they kiss.  Roll credits.  The whole song would work but around mark 2:58 of the video, you’ll totally see what I’m saying.  I give you, “Your Ex-Lover is Dead,” by Stars.

Home Management

As I have stated in many other posts, I am in no way, shape or form, a domestic goddess.  I try.  I really do!  I just can’t get it together.  If given the choice between dishes or playing with my boys, I always pick my boys.  Laundry or boys?  Boys.  Sweeping or boys?  Boys.  It’s not that my priorities are out of whack, it’s more….oh….disproportionate.  Next thing I know, it’s the end of the week and I’ve got a house that’s so cluttered that it’s overwhelming and my husband ends up spending most of our weekend trying to coax me out of the corner of our room where I’ve curled up into the fetal position attempting to hide from the angry mob of objects that need put away.  I can’t tell you why I do this to myself, but I have decided I’m going to be proactive (finally!) and do something about it.  I’ve raided Mom Advice and Simple Mom and have the beginnings of a home management notebook in the works.  Once I get it put together, I’ll be sure to post some pictures up and some of my own advice on how to get one started if you’re at all like me and need everything written down for you.  

What do you do to keep yourself on track and your priorities proportional?

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